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Mathematics which is a abstract science and requires the teacher to be patient and be able to help the student learn is increasingly being turned into a science which is empty of any sort of reasoning. I believe that this is a treason against the very principles of the educational system. Thomas Jefferson would never stand for something like this and neither should be. And what a bad our children are not be able to get the best education you would never have a longer abstract sciences and the pioneers which were once esteemed such as Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Mark Twain. It is our responsibility as teachers to enlighten our students at the same time course the parents into understanding that the future of this children is at stake here.

Math and statistics are powerful and eloquent subjects which require a great deal of thinking. Since a consumer society has stopped thinking for the most part and believes what is fed to it by the media in general. It stands to reason that that in itself is something which students are struggling with. So what is the solution is problem. The solution cannot come from the bureaucratic administration which is our public education system. Neither can a comfortable private sector who was increased focus on profit and the disregard for public welfare has shown that they are totally and irrevocably given to the pursuit of profits and nothing else.

The solution can only come from the true guardians of our children’s welfare. Parents, increasingly are struggling to cope with how their kids are being brainwashed by the media, Internet, social media and sadly the educational system to. Parents are no longer around to see or help this children earn because they are also working in a system which allows for fewer hours for for being free and able to supervise her children. It is a very sad state of affairs.

Special Theory of Relativity

Einstein’s relativity is a very fruitful and eloquent solution to one of the biggest problems in science. Albert Einstein who was a patent engineer in Germany was able, with this experiment which involve the reasoning off how fast moving objects were able to see each other in hyperspace reality. It is a very powerful concept because it makes us aware that time like any other construct the phrase, temperature and, velocity is also and perception of our intellect. Time is something which can be changed and is very powerful concert because it also makes it somewhere that the geeks particle which right now is being discovered. The to everything and anything. The special theory of relativity is also important because to pay someone to do physics homework is not only wrong but also very stupid. Physics homework has some problems of special activity, thermodynamics, nuclear theory and photons.

Physics, chemistry and mathematics are what are the referred to as fundamental sizes. These are the sciences which require the greatest deal of intelligence and only a German who would have the give village understand the vase intricacies of photons and molecules and Borst theory would be able to come up with something so ridiculous that everyone in the world would laugh at hand. This Howard not stop Albert Einstein from developing his theory and he was able to conquer the world with his intellect superior confidence. It stands to reason that physics chemistry and the tactless together are able to define a very existence.

The German scientists were stunned by what they were hearing from Albert Einstein. In reality it was possible to split the atom using incredible force which was referred to as nuclear fission. The nuclear fission process was meant to be able to help uranium diffuse and to lighter particles and at the same time release a tremendous amount of energy. This energy was at the core of the principle of the nuclear bomb. It was not after many years of tremendous research and the Los Alamos national board three that the theory of all but I signed was proven to be correct.

As we enter into the new world order, it is evident that we must take steps to be able to help students with their homework and at the same time be able to field questions from experts. Physics is and teachers had their irresponsibility of not only helping students but at the same time being able to encourage them to be able to be creative and to question everything and anything. It wasn’t for Albert Einstein and his bold assumptions he would have never come across special to the committee. The nuclear theory of field and Higgs boson also something which would them an important and very viable field of particle mechanics and thermodynamics.